Breast Cancer and The Fear Of Dying – Episode 11

Posted by victoria on 30 May 2022

It would be impossible to do a series helping women when they get a breast cancer diagnosis if we don’t talk about dying-or the fear of dying. For many people that is a conversation they don’t want to have or it may be a conversation they don’t want to have right now- which is understandable. Others find it therapeutic and helpful to have frank conversations about it. If this is you, please listen to this special episode, where guest presenter Louise Court talks to three women about how they have dealt with this most difficult subject, from facing up to the possibility of the end of life, to grief itself.

They are joined on the panel by Dr Kathryn Mannix, who is a palliative care expert, and she provides down-to-earth advice and practical steps to manage such a traumatic experience. If this episode might be too distressing to contemplate, please listen to any of our other programmes, and return to this if -and when- you feel ready.


Claire diagnosed in 2016
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