Clinical trials: what are they and how can I join one? A quick summary:

Posted by Sara Liyanage on 28 July 2020

What are clinical trials?

A clinical trial is a study of a new medication, protocol or device to evaluate whether it is safe and effective. Data from clinical trials is used to decide whether treatments are approved for use outside of research settings. Clinical trials are important to the discovery, development and approval of prescription and therapeutic drugs. Every breast cancer treatment has been studied and approved via clinical trials.

Who can join a trial? (and why to consider it now)

Clinical trials are taking place at every stage of research from cancer prevention, to diagnosis, to first-line treatment, to later line treatment. Each trial will have a specific protocol and will list eligibility criteria describing the type of patients sought for the study, such as stage of breast cancer, previous surgery conducted treatment experience, or genetic mutations. It is important to know that clinical trials are not just limited to patients with metastatic cancer, and that they can be considered by any patient at any stage in the cancer journey. In fact, it can be useful to look at trial options before making an initial treatment decision, as treatment experience can impact your eligibility to join trials that might offer access to new treatments that could be more effective or tolerable than the standard treatment offered

If you want to learn more about clinical trials, such as the benefits and risks, safety protections, and how to find one, you can read more on our page: Clinical Trials: What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know.

The information and content provided on this page is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice.


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