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Future Dreams Pricing Policy
Future Dreams priority is to ensure we can continue to offer a broad range of services for those touched by breast cancer. To do this, while many offerings are free, the reality is we have to charge for others.

We are introducing a tiered system of charges for our specialist one-to-one treatments with a sliding scale of pricing reflecting the cost of accessing these services elsewhere, please see diagram above. By booking them at Future Dreams House you have the assurance of treatments provided by experts (at charitable rates) in a relaxed and safe space of Future Dreams House, and the ability to use the other facilities we offer. We are aware that even the lowest charges may be too much for some people, if you are on universal credit for example. If this is the case you can email or who will be able to help you further.

Tier Three – £60. If you are financially comfortable, with no real worries about monetary matters, have savings, can afford to treat yourself to holidays etc. we would ask that you would pay the full price. This not only covers our running costs but in turn enables you to pay it forward for those unable to pay.

Tier Two – £50. If you have a steady income, need to be responsible about your spending but with care are able to plan ahead and budget or save for new purchases, holidays etc. we would ask that you pay this reduced price

Tier One – £40. If you frequently stress about finances, dealing with debt, paying everyday bills and have irregular income this is the category you would fall into.

*If you are living solely on universal credit please contact to

Please note – the price is set at a £10 deposit at the time of booking. The remainder is to be paid directly to your practitioner. They will advise you on this. Please contact if you would like more information on how this works.

We know a breast cancer diagnosis can feel like it has sent your whole world into freefall. Future Dreams wants to be there to help support you. In order to continue our work we have to offer a mixture of free and paid classes. Every penny counts as we pay it forward to help the women, men and families who will face the pain of a breast cancer diagnosis in the future and need the support of Future Dreams House. If you can afford to pay, please pay. If you really can’t please speak to us. Please help us all move forward with gratitude.

Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie founders of Future Dreams breast cancer support
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Sylvie and Danielle began Future Dreams with just £100 in 2008. They believed nobody should face breast cancer alone.  Their legacy lives on in Future Dreams House.  We couldn’t continue to fund support services for those touched by breast cancer, raise awareness of breast cancer and promote early diagnosis and advance research into secondary breast cancer without your help. Please consider partnering with us or making a donation.

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