Helping you through and beyond breast cancer

Practical tips, expert advice, personal stories and signposts to further information for people impacted by breast cancer, provided by people impacted by breast cancer in collaboration with Ticking Off Breast Cancer.

SUPPORT WITH Ticking off Breast Cancer

Welcome to the Future Dreams Online Information Hub which provides support to people impacted by breast cancer, by people who’ve had breast cancer.  We provide practical advice for anyone standing at the edge of the breast cancer precipice not knowing which way to turn – and for their partners, families and friends who would like to know how to help. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

We focus on what to expect at each step of the way, together with plenty of practical checklists you can use when preparing for/undergoing each stage of treatment and from which you can tick off your treatment as you go through it. If you want to look into anything in more detail, you can click through the many links.

We aim to provide a safe, supportive space for anyone touched by breast cancer.  This Information Hub is for anyone at any stage of breast cancer whether you are going through treatment for primary breast cancer, have completed primary breast cancer treatment or you are living with secondary breast cancer.  Everyone is welcome.

This Information Hub has been built upon the foundations of “”, a small website created in 2017 by Sara Liyanage following her breast cancer diagnosis. The Hub is run by a team of three – Sara, Emma, and Molly – all of whom have had breast cancer and feel passionate about helping others through and beyond breast cancer.

Our Online Information Hub aims to:

  • Provide a safe, supportive breast cancer community.
  • Provide straightforward, practical advice about breast cancer treatment and easy-to-navigate links to reputable online resources for further information and support.
  • Provide easily accessible expert and professional advice on a range of topics relevant to breast cancer treatment.
  • Acknowledge that whilst breast cancer patients share a number of similarities, each person has their own breast cancer story.
  • Provide companionship to someone going through breast cancer treatment by sharing personal stories.

Please note we create these articles to be as accessible as possible. Some posts have printable checklists where appropriate but if you would like to print out entire posts (in addition to the printable checklists) please check your individual print settings to ensure it captures the whole page.