Nobody should face breast cancer alone

Community Group Meet-Ups

We host a wide range of community group meet-ups at Future Dreams House every month. Each aims to provide a safe and supportive space for those in similar circumstances and with related life experiences and for everyone to benefit from valuable peer-to-peer support.

Coffee morning at Future Dreams House in London


  • Amanda's Coffee Morning

    Monthly coffee morning

    A monthly coffee morning hosted by Amanda Hanison, our Patient Care Specialist and Awareness Ambassador. Open to all and held on the first Wednesday of every month at Future Dreams House.

    Come along for a cup of coffee or tea and meet others going through similar experiences in this safe environment.

    The next meet-up is Wednesday 15 May.

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  • BLACK WOMEN RISING at future dreams

    The Black Women Rising cancer support project is the flagship programme of The Leanne Pero Foundation, a registered UK charity offering vital help, information and practical advice for people of colour who have been diagnosed with cancer. We have now added a Supper Club as well as the Black Women Rising Coffee Morning.

    The next Coffee Morning is coming up on Thursday 23 May.

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    The next Supper Club meet-up is coming up on Thursday 23 May.

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  • Samosa Chaat and chat

    south asian community meet-up

    Samosa Chaat and Chat is our South Asian community meet up at Future Dreams House, hosted by breast oncologist, Fharat Raja & breast surgeon, Jasdeep Gahir.

    Meet other women from the South Asian breast cancer community who have been touched by breast cancer. This is an opportunity to meet, share and discuss your experiences in a safe and friendly environment, supported by our hosts, who have great experience and understanding of the issues that the South Asian community face when diagnosed with breast cancer.

    The next meet-up is Tuesday 14 May.

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  • Bagel Deli Jewish Meet Up

    jewish community meet-up

    Bagel Deli is a welcoming Jewish community monthly meet-up in the Dream Kitchen provides a supportive space to come together and address the challenges faced during and after a breast cancer diagnosis. The group aims to encourage peer-to-peer support and facilitate discussions on many aspects of breast cancer in the Jewish community.

    Hosted by Amanda, a breast cancer thriver and Future Dreams Support and Awareness Ambassador with Jackie, our breast cancer clinical nurse specialist.

    The next Jewish Community meet-up will be Monday 10 June.

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  • Secondary Sisters Day

    secondary sisters

    Meet others from the Secondary Breast Cancer community and come and join the Secondary Sisters for a wonderful meet up day at Future Dreams House.

    The next meet-up will be announced soon.


  • make 2nds count

    ‘Tea & Chat’ meet ups for secondary breast cancer patients is a support group that gives you the chance to share experiences and advice, and create new friendships.

    The next meet-up at Future Dreams House is Monday 20 May.

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  • Carly & Charlie from the BRCA meet up

    brca meet-up

    Monthly meet-up for the BRCA community hosted by Carly and Charlie. The BRCA Project aims to build a diverse BRCA community and make information about BRCA more accessible.

    If you have the BRCA gene mutation and would like to join this meet up, book your place.

    The next meet-up is Tuesday 21 May.

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  • supporters meet-up

    The Supporters meet-up group at Future Dreams House offers a relaxed and informal setting for partners and carers only whose loved ones are or have been affected by breast cancer.

    It offers a relaxed safe space where support partners can meet people who are facing similar issues. The meet-ups encourage open conversations and experiences related to supporting someone with breast cancer. 

    The next meet-up is Thursday 09 May.

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  • Fran's Night In

    an evening in for young cancer thrivers

    Come along and have a chat with people of a similar age to yourself. This evening is not a support group but a relaxed, fun evening to hang out with others navigating the cancer world in their 20s and 30s.

    Think those post work evening drinks with your friends vibes. Lots of laughs, lots of chat, and there’s even a WhatsApp group to be part of!

    The next meet-up is Tuesday 28 May.

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  • Recurrence meet up

    primary recurrence meet-up

    This monthly group which will alternate from in-person and online. The meet ups provide a supportive and empathetic environment for individuals who are facing a recurrence of breast cancer.

    This group aims to bring together those who are navigating the unique challenges of primary recurrence, allowing them to connect with others who understand their experiences.

    The next meet-up is online on Tuesday 11 June.

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  • virtual evening in with amanda and jackie

    Join Amanda Hanison, Future Dreams Patient Care Specialist & Awareness Ambassador and Jackie Wright, Future Dreams Breast Care Nurse, for a virtual ‘Evening In’. The meet-ups are similar to our in-person Coffee Mornings and bring people together in a safe, comfortable space to socialise and meet others who have also had a breast cancer diagnosis.

    The next virtual meet-up is Wednesday 29 May.

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