How yoga can help lymphoedema

Posted by Guest Author on 08 December 2023

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Yoga is emerging as a valuable tool in managing lymphoedema. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system relies on body movement for optimal circulation, making yoga’s emphasis on gentle, repetitive motions and deep diaphragmatic breathing particularly beneficial.

Yoga teacher Vicky Fox runs yoga classes for breast cancer patients with us at Future Dreams, and explains here how yoga can help you if you’re struggling with lympoedema, and highlights the positive impact of yoga on the lymphatic system.

The deep diaphragmatic breathing and the deliberate movements involved in yoga play a crucial role in facilitating lymph flow. The gentle engagement of hands, arms, neck, torso, and hips contributes to improved circulation. Additionally, yoga helps to improve our range of motion and strength, which could help to counter the effects of lymphoedema when practiced slowly and gently.

For those considering yoga as part of their lymphoedema management, we strongly advise that you consult with your medical professional before taking up the practice for the first time, especially if you’ve been advised to wear compression garments. Initially, avoiding weight-bearing poses on the arms is advisable.

It is important to build back full range of motion before adding poses that are more weight baring
such as downward dog and plank. Strength needs to be built back carefully so as not to put too
much strain on the lymphatic system. A specialised exercise or yoga class will take this into
consideration and help you to build back strength slowly.

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