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Whether you were diagnosed today or ten years ago we can support you, and those you love.

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Workshops and classes

Our online and in-person workshops and classes assist patients in managing the key issues and pain points when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.  

Side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery

  • Breast Care Nurse Specialist Advice and one-to-one sessions, Therapies such as massage and acupuncture and Nutrition Advice

Psychological impact e.g. stress, anxiety, depression & body image

  • Body Confidence Workshop, Mindfulness Workshop, EFT Classes, Wig workshop and HeadWrappers

Menopausal symptoms

  • Menopause & Breast Cancer Workshop

Bone health

  • Yoga, Qi Gong & ballet, Get Strong After Breast Cancer, Physiotherapy classes

Lymphoedema and mobility

  • Lymph Flow & Restore


  • Breathe – The Power of Stillness, End of Day Yoga

Longterm implications of treatment

  • Stronger Through Breast Cancer, Moving Forward After Breast Cancer, Living Well & Moving On (Life Coaching Series)


Wearing the right bra after a mastectomy helps incisions heal properly and, for those who have had reconstructive surgery, ensures their breast stay in the correct position while they recover.  Breasts are likely to feel sore and swollen for some time and choosing the right bra is imperative. Future Dreams has established the Bra Lounge at Future Dreams House with specialist bra fitter, Monica Harrington to advice women on their choice of bras and prosthetics.

With thanks to Victoria’s Secret and the Barratt Trust for their sponsorship of the Bra Lounge.

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Going through breast cancer can feel a cruelly isolating.  We work with Breast Care Specialists to distribute Dream Boxes to those patients most in need and to ensure nobody feels alone through treatment.  Each box contains a selection of products suitable to treat the side effects of treatment (eg hairloss, skin changes) as well as gifts such as mastectomy bras, headscarves and drainbags.

During the height of the pandemic and when Government rules on social distances where at their strictest, thousands of patients undertook appointments and treatments on their own – a lonely and terrifying experience.  Throughout this time we delivered more than 7,000 Dream Boxes.

With thanks to our brand partners for their generous donation of products for Dream Boxes.


Helping you through breast cancer and beyond.

In September 2021, we launched the Future Dreams Online Support Hub hosted by Ticking Off Breast Cancer. This is where we provide practical advice for anyone standing at the edge of the breast cancer precipice not knowing which way to turn – and for their partners, families and friends who would like to know how to help.

Our support hub


We run an array of wonderful support groups at the house,  and so there is something for everybody.  We host a monthly ‘BRCA meet-up’ for those that carry the BRCA gene.  As well as this, the fabulous “Black Women Rising” group, The “2ndary Sisters”, and “Fran’s Girls Night In” (for women under 40 touched by breast cancer), also gather monthly at the house, These groups and the events they host are all about providing a safe supportive space for conversations with people experiencing similar circumstances, in a warm, non-clinical environment.

Future dreams magazine

Our 2022 edition of the annual Future Dreams Magazine is now available, in both PDF and physical formats. Featuring empowering stories from thrivers on their experiences, informational articles with tips and tricks on how to navigate treatments and other aspects of your, or somebody close to you’s breast cancer journey, from point of diagnosis to beyond.

View the magazine HERE.

Our podcast ‘and then came breast cancer’.

Episodes of our award winning podcast, hosted by journalist and breast cancer thriver,  Victoria Derbyshire covers a range of important topics, from breast cancer and pregnancy, to therapy, to nutrition and beyond.

View all episodes HERE.

Now it’s your turn

You can help us to help those touched by breast cancer.

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Sylvie and Danielle began Future Dreams with just £100 in 2008. They believed nobody should face breast cancer alone.  Their legacy lives on in Future Dreams House.  We couldn’t continue to fund support services for those touched by breast cancer, raise awareness of breast cancer and promote early diagnosis and advance research into secondary breast cancer without your help. Please consider partnering with us or making a donation.

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