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One-To-One Therapies

Future Dreams offers a diverse range of one-to-one therapies to address the key side effects of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. We do charge for these breast cancer therapies, but adopt the 'green bottle' sliding scale to enable you to adjust your payment based on your resources.

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Lisa Behzadi is a qualified Microsystems Acupuncturist & a specialist in NADA & Battlefield Acupuncture


Lisa Behzadi is a qualified Microsystems Acupuncturist & a specialist in NADA & Battlefield Acupuncture. Treatments given to people after a breast cancer diagnosis can cause hot flushes ranging from uncomfortable to debilitating. Studies have shown the benefits of the NADA protocol (developed at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital in New York) for cancer patients for reducing the side effects of treatment, hot flushes, anxiety/stress, trauma/PTSD & aiding sleep & relaxation.

As well as seeing visitors for 1-2-1 appointments, Lisa will also be introducing twice weekly drop in community NADA acupuncture group sessions at Future Dreams House. For any enquiries please email

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Karen Hertzog - facial reflexology for breast cancer patients


With 21 years of experience in Reflexology and Facial Massage – Karen has enjoyed seeing the benefits of how reflexology helps with pain relief, nerve stimulation, blood flow, hormonal balance, migraine relief, stress relief and tension. It is a non-invasive, touch therapy that promotes wellbeing, energy flow and balance throughout the body.

Karen’s alternative Natural Facial Massage is a soothing treatment. It helps to relax, uplift and tone skin and muscles. It’s known to relieve tension and stress, opening and revitalising facial muscles through various pressure points.

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Karen Joseph, reflexology and lymphatic drainage practitioner


Karen is an experienced practitioner in Reflexology. Reflexology can help you with stress relief, tension, hormone balance, lymphoedema and much more. Karen specifically looks at the treatment of lymphoedema with an award-winning technique (RLD) ‘Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage’ to support breast cancer patients dealing with the physical & emotional discomfort of lymphoedema.

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Bex Sellars provides physiotherapy for breast cancer patients


Bex Heath, certified physiotherapist, will be available for 1-2-1 scar tissue massage at Future Dreams House. Physiotherapy can help and empower you to enjoy your everyday hobbies and activities to the fullest and brings together aspects of both our physical and mental wellbeing. Bex runs a breast physiotherapy service and is making a difference in people’s lives, particularly when they are going through one of the hardest times physically and emotionally. She feels passionate about helping people, through physiotherapy & scar tissue massage to enable them to return to their pre breast cancer diagnosis activities and hobbies.

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Emilie Charlesworth provides Oncology massage during and after breast cancer

oncology massage during & after breast cancer

Emilie Charlesworth – Massage can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep, and specialist skincare can alleviate some of the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Join Emilie for a 1-2-1 oncology massage to see how it could be beneficial to you following a diagnosis. Oncology massage refers to a specific kind of massage technique that is suitable for those living with cancer or receiving cancer treatment. It is adapted to suit the individual, and Emilie will tailor the massage depending on the specific, changing needs of each client. This may be because a client is undergoing chemotherapy, is recovering from surgery, has reduced mobility or can only sit or lie comfortably in certain positions or for brief periods of time.

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Sharon Halliday Manual Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Sharon has been a Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner since 2012. She worked as a Cancer Complementary Therapist at The Harley Street Cancer Centre and was part of a team responsible for setting up a service dedicated to educating and assisting patients in understanding and caring for their Lymphoedema. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specific type of massage which aids the movement of Lymph around the body. The movement of Lymph can be impeded by cancer, cancer treatment and post recovery physiological effects, causing swelling and pain in areas of the body. The massage is very gentle and works to improve the natural flow of Lymph and decrease swelling and pain. Self Lymphatic Drainage is also taught and is extremely beneficial for the ongoing health of the Lymphatic System. 

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"Lisa's expertise in acupuncture provided me with much-needed relief and helped me cope with the stress and challenges I was facing. I can't emphasize enough how amazing acupuncture was for me during this challenging time. It played a significant role in improving my overall well-being and enhancing my quality of life. I highly recommend giving acupuncture with Lisa at Future Dreams a try."

Natali Weizz
Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie founders of Future Dreams breast cancer support
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