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First outreach visit in partnership with Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Posted by Olivia Phillips on 29 April 2024

Gateshead NHS Outreach day

Future Dreams delivered its first innovative ‘pop-up’ Wellbeing Day at Gateshead’s iconic Baltic Centre, in partnership with Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. The event was an opportunity for 50 local breast cancer patients to come together for a series of sessions led by health professionals.

The pop-up Wellbeing Day offered help with many of the physical and emotional pain points experienced by primary and secondary breast cancer patients.  

The structure of the event was pulled together in conjunction with Caroline Tweedie, Cancer Clinical Lead Practitioner for Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, who is currently seconded into the role of Macmillan Lead Practitioner for Living with Cancer at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust. Breast cancer patients in the region were surveyed and local breast care teams were asked the issues their patients needed the most help with. 

The survey identified that many local women suffer with the long-term psychological impact of breast cancer including depression and the fear of recurrence.  

The aim of the Wellbeing Day was to tackle some of those issues head on, and to empower patients to prioritise their emotional and physical wellbeing, through professional and peer support.  Sessions covered fatigue, nutrition, and menopause as well as classes on yoga, EFT and mindfulness.  They were also encouraged to join the many online support groups, help sessions and workshops available with Future Dreams.

Gateshead was identified as the first location for an outreach event after Caroline invited Future Dreams to host one in the region.  
Future Dreams’ clinical breast care nurse specialist Jackie Wright said: ” We are aware the NHS is under immense pressure currently. Future Dreams provides online support and meet-ups accessible wherever you are in the UK. We also run the only dedicated breast cancer support centre in the UK in London where patients can just drop-in.”

In our recent impact report, 48% of our service users told us they came to Future Dreams due to loneliness and isolation. By co-hosting the Wellbeing Day in Gateshead, we want to connect those affected by breast cancer in a lovely environment outside a hospital setting, as well as provide an insight into some of the workshops we host online and that they can go on to use.

In addition to the Wellbeing Day, 25 local medical professionals came together in the evening to share knowledge and best practice around ongoing care and support for women living with, and recovering from, breast cancer. They also learnt about the online services Future Dreams provides that can be accessed by local patients. 

Caroline Tweedie, currently Macmillan Lead Practitioner for Living with Cancer at South Tyne-Side Sunderland Foundation Trust, said: “This type of event is building a local community of people with lived experience of cancer, creating an opportunity to develop a sense of mutual support and empowerment. This joint initiative allows both patients and professionals to collaborate –  improving awareness, education and advocacy surrounding breast cancer care.” 

Caroline who has run sessions at Future Dreams House in London said: “London is a long way to travel for a patient who needs help but the regular online meet-ups provided by Future Dreams are available to everyone and can help with a wide range of side effects that many of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer community struggle to deal with.” 

Future Dreams plans to bring its ‘nobody should face cancer alone’ mission to more breast cancer patients across the UK by delivering more ‘pop-up’ Wellbeing Days in the future.

1 in 7 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime in the UK. To access our In-person and virtual breast cancer support CLICK HERE.


Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie founders of Future Dreams breast cancer support
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