Breast Cancer and Getting It Twice – Episode 11

Posted by Olivia Phillips on 16 April 2024

Future Dreams’ podcast ‘And Then Came Breast Cancer’, hosted by Victoria Derbyshire, is back with another straight-talking episode. This time Victoria and her guests are leaving no stone unturned when talking about breast cancer recurrence. This is about when you think breast cancer is at last behind you. And then you receive the news that you have got it again. A second primary diagnosis – lightning, in the worst way, striking twice.

Victoria is joined by three women who have been through that scenario- something that affects around ten per cent of women. They talk about how they rationalised the situation and how they coped.

Depending on the type of cancer you have had, support groups, research and trials can seem sparse, making you feel incredibly alone. If this is you, know that you are not alone. This episode is for you.

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Breast cancer recurrence: further support

If you’re experiencing a diagnosis of or worries about a recurrence of cancer, Future Dreams has a range of support services available to you. From advice about how to trust your body again after cancer, to one-to-one professional advice and counselling, and in-person or virtual support groups.


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