Breast Cancer And Surgery Part One – Episode 8

Posted by Olivia Phillips on 26 March 2024

Future Dreams’ podcast ‘And Then Came Breast Cancer’, hosted by Victoria Derbyshire, is back with another straight-talking episode. This week, we’re talking about breast cancer surgery in the first of two episodes on the subject. Victoria and her guests discuss what their chests looked like after surgery and how they became used to living with their new, changed bodies, alongside how to know which is the right operation for you – what do terms like lumpectomy and mastectomy mean and should you have reconstruction? If so, when and how?

Three women share their stories with Victoria in this episode – how their fears and anxieties were overcome and how they made the decisions they did. Some of their points will be put to a breast cancer surgeon in Episode 9 to discuss further and from a medical perspective.

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Breast cancer surgery: further support

If you’re considering your options for breast cancer surgery, Future Dreams has a range of support services available to you. From pre-operation checklists, to breast cancer surgery options explained by a breast cancer surgeon. Our monthly Show & Tell meetups provide opportunity for connection with those who have had mastectomies who can answer your questions based on their personal experience, and even show you what your chest might look like after your own surgery – although everybody is different, of course. We get brilliant feedback from these sessions. Click here to find out when the next is taking place.


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